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Blogging for Beginners 2007

The Best Blogging Practices




 According to the assigned readings, group discussions and live sessions, we are trying to come up with a list of The Best Blogging Practices. We invite you to add your ideas to this list!



Please, log in with the group password (hint: 3 letters), and use the comment area at the top of this page to help us complete this list!



• Integrate blogging to the rest of the work done by the class.

• Surprise your students.

• Make the learner feel relaxed and confident.

• Make the content meaningful and relevant.

• Build networks of learning that can cross continents.

• Develop an atmosphere that encourages and respects the learner and their ideas.

• Invite guests to post on your blog and to comment.

• Teach your students some blogging skills.

• Give prompt feedback to commentators.

• Vary your post style.

• Set tasks that lead to interaction.

• Use the blog for activities the students could not do in the classroom.

• Exploit errors, but do not correct students explicitly on blogs.

• Blog safely.

• Use syndication tools to keep track of posts and comments.

• Turn on the word verification in your blog settings to avoid spam.

• Define who can comment in your blog.

• Add your email to receive notifications when someone leaves a comment on your blog.

• Attention to copyright issues!

• Ask for permission to publish photos, videos, audio etc

• Always give credit to the source.


Comments (4)

Anonymous said

at 11:42 am on Feb 12, 2007

The blog should be used in association with the pertinent number of other electronic means. Using a blog together with three or four associated web pages, plus other blogs, plus several wikis, and sending people from one location to another can greatly confuse and discourage students. It is a great temptation to add these gimmicks "because they are there".

Anonymous said

at 2:02 pm on Feb 12, 2007

Blogging activities, projects, discussions or topics should have a clear beginning and an ending or summing-up and extend over a period not longer than two to four weeks.

Carla Arena said

at 11:57 pm on Feb 13, 2007

Dear Ana Maria,

These are certainly practices that should be considered. First, not overwhelming students with too many tools at once and having projects with specific goals and clear outcomes for not a long period of time. Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said

at 4:30 pm on Feb 14, 2007

As for my students, who never tried working in the Internet, I think how to motivate them to be happy here, in the cyber space, and make them to feel at home in the new e-environment. Tomorrow, the whole class (20 students) are going to try exploring the blogs I am offering them. I hope they will enjoy blogging and in a while will be active members of the virtual world.

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